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Resolution in Response to the Shooting Death of William Abbe at the Hands of the Vancouver Police Department

Resolution Approved by Board of Directors


By Email

June 5, 2020

WHEREAS, NAMI SWWA is extremely concerned about the shooting death of William Abbe at the hands of Vancouver Police Department and Clark County Sheriff’s Office;

WHEREAS, William Abbe’s death is one of several shooting deaths in the past year that appear to involve individuals with mental illness, minorities, and those struggling with homelessness;

WHEREAS, it appears that none of the officer’s involved in the shooting were wearing body cameras;

WHEREAS, William Abbe was shot by VPD officer, and potentially a Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy and the shooting is currently being investigated by Clark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office;

WHEREAS, I-940 demands increased training and funding for violence de-escalation techniques and mental health crisis response techniques;

WHEREAS, NAMI SWWA recognizes that many police officers and first responders are increasingly aware of and implementing de-escalation tools and techniques in dealing with individuals in mental health and violence crises as a means to prevent further harm;


  1. Clark County Prosecutor Tony Golik refer the investigation into William Abbe’s death to an independent prosecutorial agency;
  2. The officers involved in the shooting be immediately placed on administrative leaving pending the conclusion of an independent investigation;
  3. The Vancouver Chief of Police and Clark County Sheriff quickly issue a report detailing steps they have taken to comply with I-940’s requirements as well as their future plans to ensure complete violence de-escalation training and mental health crises response training for every law enforcement officer;
  4. Every police officer in Clark County be required to wear a body-worn camera so as to increase transparency and oversight into police conduct;
  5. The City of Vancouver and Clark County increase funding for officer training regarding violence de-escalation and mental health crises training.

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