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Spencer, our wonderful office dog

Deanna Davis, our Executive Assistant recently lost her companion of several years. Spencer was just shy of 17 when he took a turn for the worse. He has been a source of sunshine for the office for close to a year now and we miss him so much already.

Whether we snuck him chicken or dog biscuits, Spencer loved a good morsel. He was quiet, reserved, and somewhat aloof with his penchant for getting petted increasing toward the end. Always with a slight reluctance toward being touched, and once Spencer gets into it, he leans in and even puts his head against whatever body part is closest to him. He made the rounds and visited every one and their offices to see how every one was doing and if they had treats for him. He moved like a younger dog and had a youthful sweet little face. All white, Spencer walked with a slight skip to his step.

Sometimes Spencer ended up in our marketing materials and videos.

He will be terribly missed by everyone, and especially his mom, Deanna.

Rest in Peace Spencer: 1/2003-11/2019

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