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The Able Program Savings for people with disabilites

The Able Savings Plan developed by the State of Washington assists people with disabilities with saving for the future or for major expenses. It is a way to do this that will not work against their disability benefits. Below is a quote from the Washinton State Able program site.

“For too long, people with disabilities could not save for the future out of fear of losing needed government benefits. The disability community fought long and hard to change this, and together we’ve come up with a solution.

A Washington State ABLE account is a way to save for eligible expenses, invest for the future, and keep the benefits you rely on every day.”

From the site: Washington State Able Savings Plan

Read more about it from the WA State Treasurer’s site.

Below is a link to a Slide Deck about Able and what it offers and how someone is eligible.

WA ABLE 2019

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