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SEE ME Presentation

Mental Health Training for Organizations and Agencies



Program Overview

People are recovering from mental illness and are becoming productive members of society. Our hope through SEE ME presentations is to reduce the fear people have of interacting with someone with a mental disability, whether they are a family member, a first responder, or the public.

SEE ME is a mental health education program which includes a panel of people with different mental health diagnoses. This panel comes to your facility to present in their own words what it is like to live with a mental health diagnosis. A SEE ME program is two (2) hours long but can be adjusted to fit the educational needs of your particular situation.

SEE ME is booking sites throughout Clark, Cowlitz, and Skamania counties. If you are an employer, civic organization, public employee, faith-based organizations, or part of a first-responder team, please let us know when we might come to present to you and your colleagues.

Goals and Objectives

  • Educate the public about mental health issues through real-life experiences of individuals living with mental health disorders
  • Foster an environment of mutual respect and understanding
  • Promote positive, compassionate, and safe interactions between services, community agencies, and individuals in recovery
  • Engage in ongoing conversations to reduce the stigma of mental illness throughout our communities
  • Enable those who interact with the public to transform their communication skills
  • Understand that all people live with stress and anxiety that affects the way we communicate and interact with others

Attendee Comments

“Best training ever.” – Staff NWRTC

“Excellent Training” Clark Co Employee

“It brought to my attention the criminalization of mental illness.” – NWRTC EMT Trainee

“It really humanized severe mental illness for me.” NWRTC EMT Trainee

“The panel helped apply faces to the socially stigmatized conditions and helped change misperceptions regarding mental illness conditions.” — NWRTC EMT Trainee

“Sadly I shy away from mentally ill people, but after learning about it and seeing they are normal misunderstood people, I won’t shy away anymore.” – NWRTC EMT Trainee

“I have always viewed mental illness as a burden to people and I always felt that people take it to extremes, but after the panel, I know they are just normal people with a past.” – NWRTC EMT Trainee

“Absolutely, I would recommend this panel to anyone who wants to understand mental illness”. – NWRTC EMT Trainee

“Thank you very much for your presentation and I’m especially grateful and honored to have been in a position to listen to the stories shared. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” – YWCA

“After taking the class I joked to myself afterward, that Law Enforcement and the mentally ill, share some of the same traits when we are under pressure… I value our relationship with NAMI and the education they provide! “- Cmdr. Clark Co. Sheriff Office


To schedule a presentation for your company, group, etc., please contact (360) 695-2823 or

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