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Jerri Clark of MOMI (Mothers of the Mentally Ill) talks about how mental illness should never be a crime on PBS.

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January 17, 2019
By Michael Schlossberg | Dec. 17, 2018

When I first told the world I suffered from a major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, I miscalculated. I was angry at the time, and I didn’t realize it would actually have a positive impact on me and the people I represent.

I’m a full-time elected official. I have the great privilege of serving as a Pennsylvania State Representative for the people of the 132nd Legislative District, representing parts of Allentown and South Read More

    By John Giampaolo | Dec. 20, 2018

    As a child, I watched my brother struggle for years. Mental health simply wasn’t a topic discussed much in the 1970s and 1980s, and my parents had few resources to turn to for help. I was 21 years old when my brother took his life; I understand firsthand what families go through and the impact of losing a loved one to suicide.

    It’s what led me to my current role, working with organizations in Read More

    Tents line the sidewalk along Alaskan Way South in Pioneer Square near Yesler Way. (Alan Berner / The Seattle Times, file)

    A new Seattle Times poll finds overwhelming support to expand mental-health and substance-abuse treatment to address the homelessness crisis in King County, but deep distrust about elected leaders’ ability to solve it.

    By Vianna Davila and Vernal Coleman

    King County residents looking for answers to the region’s homeless crisis favor long-term solutions — particularly more affordable housing or mental-health and drug Read More

    By Martha Bellisle

    The Associated Press

    SEATTLE — Gov. Jay Inslee has unveiled his budget and policy plans for fixing the state’s struggling mental health system in the coming years.

    Inslee said at a news conference in Burien last Tuesday that he wants to change the system from being “crisis-based” to one that focuses on prevention by providing mental health care to more people.

    “There’s too long of a line of people trying to get into the mental health system,” he said.

    The governor reiterated Read More

    Credit: University of New Mexico

    After decades of medical dramas filling our TV screens, the figure of a technician wielding an ultrasound wand is so prolific, it’s easily called to mind. Even if you’ve never needed an internal abdominal exam, the steps are familiar: The clear, cool gel on the belly; the pressing of a sturdy, plastic device against the patient’s torso; the grainy images that appear on a nearby screen…

    Expanding on this traditional use for ultrasound technology, Professor Read More

    Credit: NAMI Washington

    The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has a mission, “to improve the quality of life for all those affected by mental illness.”

    For the second year now, NAMI Washington has presented a storytelling event in Seattle called The Brainpower Chronicles.

    Bill Bernat, who serves as its host and storyteller coach, is a storyteller, mental health advocate and someone who lives with bipolar condition.

    Bernat speaks frankly in his introduction about how mental health conditions build Read More

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